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The closure associated with your bottle or jar is perhaps one of the most important components to ensuring your packaging solutions are user-friendly and promote your product in its best light.

You wouldn’t store mascara in a bottle with a child-resistant, non-dispensing cap or your prized home brew in a bottle with a disc top – choosing a closure that best suits your product is imperative.

Caps and Closures

Types of Closures

Closures generally fall into two different categories: non-dispensing closures and dispensing closures.

Let’s take a look at the different types and applications for each.


Non-Dispensing Closures

Non-dispensing closures screw or snap on to containers with the same finish size.

They must be fully removed from the container before product can be dispensed. They are the most popular form of closure in the packaging market; you use them everyday.

Non-dispensing closures are the best at keeping your product in the container and are very cost effective. Seals can be added to protect your product even better. Non-dispensing closures come in a myriad of sizes, styles, shapes, colors and materials.

Some examples of non-dispensing closures include:


Dispensing Closures

Dispensing closures remain on the container while allowing the user to dispense product, making them the ideal solution for ease of use.

These closures come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and materials, and can suit a wide range of product types. If the proper dispensing closure is fitted to your container, it will improve your customer’s experience and the overall value of your product.

Some examples of dispensing closures include:

As you browse our website, you’ll find we’ve made it easy for you to match appropriate closures with containers by giving you detailed product descriptions and SKU numbers for each product.

Whether you’re looking for a child-resistant, non-dispensing closure for your pharmaceutical product, a traditional continuous thread closure for your canning project, or a dropper assembly and Boston round for your fragrance, let our team of packaging experts help you find the perfect fit.


Buy Closures at Wholesale Prices

Our affordable closures are available with no minimum order and can be purchased by the piece or by the case to meet your product or project needs.

You can search closures on our website by a number of different criteria including material (glass, phenolic, MDPE, tinplate, aluminum) and style (continuous thread, dropper assembly, child-resistant, crown, lug).

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