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Generally speaking, a cap is similar to what you would see on a beer or soda bottle, while the term “closure” is more broad-reaching and comes in a variety of different formats including: flip tops, disc tops, push-pulls, spice lids, dome lids, tub lids, smooth lids and child-resistant lids to name just a few. Both caps and closures come in both plastic and metal forms and an in an abundance of different thread patterns, sizes and colors.


Designed to be your one-stop resource for all your packaging needs, you can search caps and closures on our website using a number of different criteria to find the option that best suits your needs. Some of our search criteria include material (Metal, Phenolic, MDPE, Tinplate, Aluminum, PP), style (continuous thread, dropper assembly, child-resistant, dispensing, crown, non-dispensing) and sub style (beer bottle cap, spout top, flip top, lug, press top).


Types of Caps


Here’s some more information on some of our most popular caps and closures:


Metal Double Gold Beer Bottle Cap Crown 26-mm: This is our most popular cap and is designed to accompany our beer and soda bottles. It also has an oxygen barrier, which helps to protect against oxygen and light and is great for storage over extended periods.


PP White Child Resistant Closure: Our most popular child resistant cap is designed for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries and is sometimes called a CRC closure. It comes with a general-purpose foam liner.


Continuous Thread Closures: Available in a number of sizes and materials, the continuous thread cap can come with ribbed or smooth sides for a clean or utilitarian look. They are available individually or by the case.


Dispensing Closures: Our dispensing caps and closures come in a variety of types including: flip top, natural spout top, press top, and metal flip top.


To ensure your selected closure fits your desired bottle or jar, connect with our team of packaging experts at TricorBraun Canada via email or phone. They are standing by to take your call and look forward to helping you select the packaging options that best suit your needs.


Buying Caps at Wholesale Prices


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