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63-485 mm Black P/P Dispensing, Flip Top Closure, Round .450/Pour Orifice Pressure Sensitive 113 Smooth Skirt, Dual Flapper 14.38 gr

Dual Flapper, 3 Holes, Snap Top Cap, Crab Claw Seal, Black, Smooth Skirt - 600/Case

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600 items per case

The dual door flapper caps (sift and spoon) are Pour Orifice Pressure Sensitive 113 Smooth Skirt, Dual Flapper 14.38 gr and a great choice for containing products that need to be dispensed in smaller doses. To dispense the product either one of the hinged flaps is flipped up, the product is dispensed through the holes or using a spoon, and then the cap is re-sealed by simply pressing the flap back onto the beaded finish. This 63-485 black polypropylene (PP) plastic dual flip-top dispensing cap has two snap closures - one side has a wide slot for spoons or pouring, and other side has 3 holes (.450 inch orifice) for controlled dispensing, crab claw sealing mechanism, and smooth outside round skirt. These dual snap-top caps are a great choice for dispensing dry food ingredients such as herbs and spices. This cap includes a pressure-sensitive foam liner PS113. The liner is designed to be used as an inner seal for dry products. Note: Pressure sensitive liners provide an extra level of protection in that it actually creates a seal that sticks to the rim of the bottle.

Shape Round
Color Black
Style Dispensing
Neck Finish 63-485
Material PP

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