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1.75 ltr PET Long Neck, Clear, Round, 33-400 Kerr, 6-Pack Ez-Grip Liquor

59 oz, Long Neck, Grip Indent, Clear, Round Base, Continuous Thread - 6/case, 616/Pallet

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The PET (polyethylene terephthalate) Liquor & Spirits Plastic Bottles are lightweight and durable, making these functional bottles a good alternative to glass. This 1.75 liter clear PET liquor bottle with long neck and round base, features a 33mm Kerr continuous thread neck finish. This bottle must be paired with a 33 mm KERR cap. Note: A KERR neck finish allows for a tamper evident seal with a detachable ring that, when twisted by the end user, will break away from the cap remaining on the bottle.

Shape Round
Color Clear
Material PET
Style Liquor/Spirits
Neck Finish 33 mm Kerr
Capacity 59 oz

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